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About Us

The Consortium was formed in 2011 to represent the progressive and outward looking role of nursery schools in the 21st century.

We are a partnership of three maintained nursery schools in Haringey with a rich and diverse history of excellent integrated early years practice.

We have been part of projects to enable and enhance children's learning and development across the curriculum and widened our partnership through collaborative creative projects including link work Sabadell in Catalonia. We were one of 16 consortiums designated as an Early Years Teaching Centre, by the DfE in 2011, and we continue to develop and promote training of staff in local early years settings.

Staff training and development is associated with higher quality early years provision (Study of Early Education and Development (SEED), 2017)

Children who experience high quality early years provision are well placed to achieve higher outcomes at school and develop better social, emotional and cognitive abilities necessary for life-long learning. (Foundation Years Great Early Years & Childcare, Knowledge Hub, 2018)

Who are we?

The Haringey Nursery Schools Training Consortium is a collaboration between Rowland Hill, Woodlands Park and Pembury House Nursery School and Children’s Centres.

This partnership was formed in 2010 in order to support young children and practitioners in Early Year’s settings locally and further afield. The Nursery Schools have on-site Children’s Centres and offer fully integrated care and education for families. The combined strength of the nursery schools together with children’s centre services and childcare enables them to offer a wide range of services to children and families. The Nursery Schools have been judged by Ofsted to have outstanding practice and in 2011 were awarded ‘Early Years Teaching Centre’ (EYTC) Status.

What is our aim?

The Nursery Schools have a reputation for exciting, innovative Early Years expertise, practice and research which we have developed in order to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

Through a close, strategic partnership with the Local Authority and a range of other partners, we are able to offer a range of high quality training and development opportunities for those in the Early Years Workforce. This includes staff in Primary Schools, Nursery Schools, Private, Voluntary and Independent Early Years Settings and Childminders. Together with the Haringey Early Years Quality and Improvement Team, we also offer an annual Early Years Conference.

Projects we are currently involved in:

  • Erasmus programme of CPD visits to settlings in the EU, including Reggio Emilia, Italy and Nordic Nature Kindergartens
  • Pen Green DFE SEND project
  • IPSEA support for PVI settings
  • Language Lift Off
  • Healthy Early Years London
  • Helicopter Stories Champions
  • Story Hunters Project
  • Individual setting to setting programme facilitated through the LA’s Quality Supplement
  • Accredited childcare and GCSE courses in partnership with Barnet College
    Please let us know if you would like any information about these projects.

To find out more about the three nursery schools that make up the consortium, please click on the relevant link below: